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Founded in 2009, Fairquote Cooperative is a marketing cooperative for making origin-destination websites available to the tourism industry.

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Fairquote brings a new and innovative concept to you – organize your travel by using origin and destination citypairs. You know where you want to go - so just type that into your browser URL, e.g. Amsterdam-Geneva, Zurich-London or Singapore-NewYork.
Our system will also work with airport or city codes: AMS-GVA, ZRH-LON or SIN-JFK. We are a co-operative, and thus use the .COOP namespace.

We launched thousands of citypair websites for you to try out. Our launch sites cover already 2'000 cities in 60 countries, basically ALL direct connections serviced in two European countries.

You find the total travel market between two cities, including all modes of transportation, recommendations, restaurants, events, and other usefull travel-related items.

Welcome to a new era of simplified travel booking……..all live citypairs at http://www.fairquote.me/blog/what-is-life

Dr. Winfried Boeing
President, Fairquote Cooperative